Sunday, January 9, 2011

Supine and spineless!

Behold! A member of the committee tasked with determining the causes of Salman Taseer's assassination has come up with a bizarre revelation: Qadri, the assassin, has no connection to any extremist and defunct organization. Which means that Taseer's assassination was the act of a lone lunatic.
But what about the thousands of people who jubilated at the murder and still try to lionize the killer? What about the scores of 'lawyers' who garlanded Qadri and offered to plead his case free of cost? What about heads of almost every religious party that still eulogize the killer and justify the murder?
Everybody that spoke at the Karachi rally and hurled threats at every moderate, sane people are complicit in this assassination. In short, Qadri is not an unbranded lunatic murderer; he belongs to every organization that bay for the blood of religious minorities and threaten every person that calls for the repeal of the draconian law called blasphemy law.
Every organization--and every individual--that supports the blasphemy law is related to Qadri, both directly and indirectly. And last but not the least, every 'journalist' that stoked hatred against religious minorities and against saner voices like that of Salman Taseer and Sherry Rehman is culpable. Qadri belongs to Meher Bokhari, Ansar Abbassi and their elks, and they belong to Qadri.
Qadri belongs to Jamaat-i-Islami, JUI (F), Jamaatul Daawa, Jaishi Muhammad, Sipahe Sohaba, Sunni Tehrik--name a so-called religious organization and they belong to each other.
This shameful story was capped by our supine and spineless Prime Minister Gillani, whose government stooped so low and literally disowned the hero who stood by his conscience until his last drop of blood. Taseer died a hero's death; his party tucked its tail between its legs and ran for their lives.
The civil society put up a brave face, but was ditched by the government when Gillani announced not to amend the blasphemy law. Shame on you!

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